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December 17, 2019

8238_10153962166860818_5239143451387943114_nOverseeing various humanitarian activities around the world  in the past twenty years have given me a quiet detailed situation overview of the humanitarian world. It shows that the continuous  vulnerability of certain populations and minorities is unchanged -causing high numbers of casualties during or immediately after the outbreak of disasters. Today at the change between 2019 to 2020 the situation has not changed to a better – in large parts of Subsaharan Africa  and Asia, despite a general reduction of poverty, the vulnerability remains as is. Large migration to towns have made the larger metropols a rizing pot of vulnerability – especially as no or only very little preparedness is organized.

Still populations must be more enhanced to self sustainable activities like disaster preparedness combined with small scale economic development to reduce the vulnerability and increase their coping mechanisms. Adding climate smart approaches and Green Climate programming opens the doors for innovative program design.

Reviewing in the past 5 years the increasing amount of natural disasters due to the global warming with its impact they consequently force the international community to support. This ongoing threat causes a clear challenge which needs more encouragement and available funds to communities as well as organizations, which can be based on new partnerships and innovative approaches in order to stabilize the  devastating impacts. Read more in this blog under Disaster Preparedness and humanitarian activities …

Economic development – in small / community level or on larger / national level creates a new topic in the humanitarian community. After many years of providing tools and seeds towards beneficiary groups, we have to learn today that the support to the most vulnerable has not brought that impact, which was expected. Therefore we will have to learn and adapt towards more economic approach – targeting groups who can provide employment to the most vulnerable. Therefore I am also interested in sharing thesis and practical implementations of organizations and individuals. Read more in Economic development …

Garbage is produced all around the world. As soon we come into third world regions, amazing amounts of waste can be found everywhere. This causes consequently the spread of diseases due to poor sanitation behavior and conditions, and immense costs towards the public. On the other side this garbage has an increased value, in a world with reduced resources.  Collection, recycling and respective production of recycling products is a solution which should be enforced. Read more under Recycling ……

Finally the increasing food prices in larger areas of this world, caused by speculations and global trade,  develop a large threat towards the coping mechanisms of vulnerable populations. Biofuel is demanded highly and reduces areas where normally food for consumption was produced. The lack of direct market access and the system of intermediaries cause a suffering of livelihood activities because of market inefficiencies for agricultural products grown by small scale farmers. New and creative thinking is requested in solving the upcoming food crisis in this world. A concept might be the massive promotion of Agro Parks, where on relatively compressed space a highly efficient production chain can be created which creates for investors as for participating communities a successful income. Read more under Agro Parks …


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